179,065 plays since 3 Mar 2006

This is what is written on top of my last.fm page at the moment, which means I have been in this website for 3,131 days and listening to (I should actually say scrobbling) roughly 57 songs per day.

Last.fm has been the most influential internet tool for me so far, introducing me to countless great artists, so many new genres, letting me know about what my friends are listening to, shows around, etc. So what this have to do with all these? A couple of days ago I found out that last.fm is giving away its API to allow websites to use their data. Well, isn’t it going to be a lot of fun to analyze it? I think it is! Here are some of my initial ideas about what I am planning to analyze with this data in this blog:

  • How are our beloved bands doing? They are getting more popular, or losing attention?
  • What genres are going to flourish? Which ones will diminish?
  • How are music tastes affected by nations/religions? Which countries love classic rock/electronic? which ones hate them?
  • What factors are affecting artist popularity at most? New album sales? World tours?
  • Are old albums being forgotten after new albums? Or they become even more popular?

I am also planning to add some tools where visitors can do some simple data analysis, and plots on their own. We will see over time how this will work out.

That’s enough for the first post. Let’s get going.