Is Lithuania really cold? (or Unexpected Joy of Discovering Secret Sessions)


One thing that I had known before I came to LT was the harsh weather throughout the country. In this sense i always presumed LT as the land of utter cold and marble-faced inhabitants. Shame on me, it’s a total fucked-up prejudice. I experienced the icy-times during Jan-Feb, though : ) However, with the blooming season, starting from the end of April, let’s say, the country disguised as a charming way and the streets were filled with the people who marched into the greenish parks. In those days, I became aware of a secret concert in Vilnius. It is a world-wide hidden gig series called Sofar Sounds.

Luckily, we came upon the first anniversary of Sofar Sounds Vilnius. That means the session would take longer than expected. The line-up of the event was so powerful that the audience had never distracted by other things (even the free whiskey did not prevent hypnotised minds from listening to the bands). Before commenting on every group, i can say that these people really changed my view into Lithuanian music which i knew only two songs: “Trys Milijonai” and the other song related to beer : )

Giedré, first singer of the session, appeared in a modest way on the stage and began to sing with her velvet sound. She performed jazz / bossa nova songs with her extra-ordinary band. Solo parts of contra-bass and keyboard player increased the audience attention, also.  I don’t know which one of her bands was on the stage at that time. She is the member of “Dogbones” ,“Sumerland”,Empti, Pieno lazeriai, “Blue in Bossa” and “Jazz miniatures” respectively. You can see more of her work in FB page, by clicking here. I tried to record her improvization on the song “I Will Come” at that night with my awful camera, apologizes for bad quality:

Solo ansamblis, a post-punk/electronic group, drew a flamboyant performance with super-cool attitude on the stage. Their aim is to combine the industrial and electronic music with meaningful lyrics and acting. While they are performing, you would not understand what’s coming next.  Their mild lo-fi sound dances harmonically with the core-experimental sound which blasts all at once. The way of making vocal on repetitive melodies, i found it, delicate. It’s nearly impossible to watch them without admiration. That’s why i couldn’t record them : ) Thanks to Youtube, here is the latest performance of Solo Ansamblis:

Aiste BrokenLeg, as you see her in our cover picture, had won the hearts and minds of audience with her vibrant performance. She had a tremendous voice and alternative / indie genre permits her to try beyond ordinary tunes & lyrics. I’ve heard Aiste is also a pantomime artist, now I found that where all her vivid gestures on the stage came from : ) Here is her performance with my awful camera again:

The last band of the night was “Colours of Bubbles“. The soft music with touching lyrics had been a good choice for closure. It is a typical indie/rock band, their debut album “Inspired By a True Story” was published last year. I listened to this album afterwards, it’s a soft, making happy, easy-listening album. Definitely a must-try!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank sincerely the head of the event, lovely Egle, she put an extraordinary effort to please all the audience and was so naive at that time. Also, you can see here the electronic/indie-rock oriented genre pie chart of the Sofar Sounds Vilnius.

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