Shaky Knees 2015 Line up Analysis

Shaky Knees is a great music festival running since 2013 around first week of May in Atlanta, GA. This year it will be held the next weekend (between 8-10 May), and host several great artists such as The Strokes, Pixies, Wilco, The Avett Brothers, Interpol and Ryan Adams. As a resident of Atlanta, I will not be missing this great opportunity. SB_ScrollingIMage_1

In this blog post, I will be analyzing festival artists using data and MusiChemicals tools. I will be finding out how much each artist is listened in database, and what genres are prominent in each day of the festival.

Let’s start with Friday, the first day of Shaky Knees.fest Fri

My personal favorites on Friday are The StrokesPixies,  TV On The Radio and Kaiser Chiefs. Let’s take a quick look how popular these artists are in

artist FriFriday is looking like a very good day with several great bands. There are 4 bands with more than 50M playcounts, and 9 bands more than 20M playcounts on The headliner is unquestionably the most popular artist of Friday with more than 150M playcount on Interestingly, the second most listened artist, The Kooks, is placed far below the headliner, and will be appearing early Friday afternoon on Peachtree Stage. They are the most underrated band of the day, according to the data. The next big bands Pixies and Brand New with around 80M playcount are placed in the third and fourth places on the line up, respectively. Atlanta native Mastodon is placed 6th on the popularity, but will be appearing right before The Strokes on Peachtree Stage. Now let’s take a look on the top genres of the Friday, obtained by playcount weighted averaging of the individual artists genres.

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We can say Shaky Knees is an indiealternative music festival, which would be a statement supported by the above pie chart. The only exception to those genres would be Mastodon, a band trying to stay away from clean guitar sound.

Let’s go on with the Saturday Line up, and their playcounts on My favorites on Saturday are Interpol, Social Distortion, Noel Gallagher and Neutral Milk Hotel.

fest Sat

artist Sat

Saturday is looking a lot less lively than Friday’s hectic schedule, with only two bands with more than 50M playcounts. The Avett Brothers, the folk/alt-country band from North Carolina, is the headliner of the day. They are only the 5th band on the popularity. But apparently, the have a much bigger popularity inside USA, allowing them to play after the top bands of the day Interpol and Wilco.

The genres of Saturday is very similar to that of Friday with indie-alternative being the top ones. The difference is the genres following these top ones. We can say Saturday is more of a folk/alt-country day, and may be a little punk.

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And here is the line up and popularity chart of the last day, Sunday. I am excited to see a lot of shoegaze and psychedelic from Ride, Tame Impala and Panda Bear today.

fest Sun

aartist Sun

The playcounts are a little lower on the last day with only three bands more than 20M on The singer-songwriter Ryan Adams tops the playcount list on Sunday. He is another North Carolinian appearing in this festival with The Avett Brothers. He is followed by the headliner Tame Impala, and Minus Bear. The band appearing before Minus Bear on Buford stage is another bear, the Panda Bear.

Sunday’s genre chart shows that Sunday is a good day for some psychedelic and American folk music from singer-songwriters.

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In summary, according to data, we see a decreasing trend in artist popularity as days go by in Shaky Knees Fest, Friday hosting the most, Sunday hosting the least popular artists. Additionally, we can definitely say that Shaky Knees is an indiealternative music fest, with some taste of britpop on Friday, folk/alt-country on Saturday, and psychedelic on Sunday. avg artist playcount


Hope to see you guys over there!