Guess who this “love”ly band is

Guess whose lyrics cloud this is. The hint is in the details. They are the most “love”ly band. Or should I say the most loved band of all times?

Snip20150201_9Here is the answer:

We are happy to announce that MusiChemicals now provides lyrics clouds for artists in the Artist Lyrics Cloud page, which is also accessible from the Artists section in the top menu. Lyrics cloud basically grabs the words in the songs of the artist, and inflates the size of the most common ones the most. So the more often a word is used by the artist, the bigger it is in the lyrics cloud. This means that The Beatles is literally a very “love”ly band, at least in terms of lyrics.

However, lyrics cloud is unable to retrieve the whole song lyrics due to heavy copy right restrictions and expenses of the lyrics data. We are currently using MusixMatch  as Plan A, and WikiaLyrics as Plan B for the lyrics source. Plan A, MusixMatch is only allowing 30% of each song’s lyrics and 2,000 API calls per day, meaning we can get at most 2,000 lyrics per day. When we reach our daily limit of 2,000 lyrics, we switch to Plan B. WikiaLyrics does not have a daily limitation, but only allows 15% of song lyrics. There are several other music APIs, which do not seem to be any better. You can read more details about this lyrics business from Obtaining Song Lyrics Using Music APIs in my personal blog.

Let’s skip these boring details and get some lyrics clouds! The one below belongs to Radiohead, and developed using 7,482 words from Radiohead songs.

Radiohead1This looks like a word cloud of any Paul Auster novel with so many “the”s, “i”s, “you”s, “and”s. The truth is most of the songs written in English are full of these pronouns, determiners, propositions and conjunctions, which do not add much meaning to the text but ensure grammatical correctness. Taking them out of the lyrics cloud would provide a much more meaningful representation of what the artist is trying to say. When we remove all pronouns, determiners, prepositions and conjunctions from Radiohead lyrics, this is the lyrics cloud we are getting made out of 4,231 words.

Radiohead2You can easily recognize that Radiohead keeps saying a lot of “don’t”s in their songs reflecting their pessimism. They became popular with lyrics “I don’t belong here,” and they broke hearts by saying “Don’t get any big ideas. They’re not gonna happen”. But probably the best “don’t” used by Radiohead is in the chorus of this song:

Since the second lyrics cloud is more meaningful, we are providing both of the clouds in the Artist Lyrics Cloud page. Obviously, this is something useful and meaningful only for artists writing songs in English.

The next lyrics clouds I will show, I will not be telling who they belong to, and I will ask the readers to guess. I may give the answers sometime later in another blog post.

This one belongs to a popular indie band. Most of the time they will be on top half of the indie bands list.


This one is also a very very famous band. I cannot tell their genre because you will guess them right away if I do. But I am sure you can find them out easily if you pay attention to smaller words.

unknownThis last one is for my Turkish friends. It is from a very famous turkish singer. The special turkish characters are getting butchered however.

turkishThat’s enough with all these clouds for today. Wish you guys a sunny day.