Things change during christmas time

2014 Christmas was a lot of fun again like last year, not because I culturally adopt to it, but because I met a good friend after a long time, and it let me sleep a couple of more hours for a couple of more days. I also had a chance to add some things to MusiChemicals like Cities Weekly, and go over other weekly charts.

When I was running my first tests with Genres Weekly, I noticed something interesting in the Pop Music Weekly Chart for January 2014.


All famous pop singers are suffering a bump down by losing 10-15% of their listeners during christmas time. I next wanted to see if we will observe the same shape on another famous genre, which is rock:


Yes we do. Some proportion of people, who listen to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Coldplay and OneRepublic, stop listening to them during the christmas time. But I am still not convinced. Obviously, pop and rock are not the only type of music in the world. Next I checked the average decrease of listeners in christmas for different big genres. The averages are taken over the top 10 artists in each genre.

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Except Jazz, all big genres lose around 10-15% listeners in the christmas. Apparently, people listen to music when they are driving to work, in school, in the gym, etc. When they go out of their daily routine, either by visiting their relatives, or having a family vacation, they stop listening to their regular music. So the above 10-15% pretty much gives the proportion of listeners, who go out of their daily routine (at least musically) during christmas.

What is so different with Jazz? Don’t you think Jazz is some how chrismassy?

Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse are the two big names who save jazz during christmas. Starting late November, both of them increased their listeners by around 200%. I am pretty sure all big restaurant chains in US has a part in that, especially Olive Garden and Mimis Cafe.

So what do all these people who stop listening to their regular music do? I have a very strong answer for that: “They listen to christmas music!”


The above one is the chart for the genre “christmas“. I think this chart is hilarious and sad at the same time. It’s hilarious since it shows that there are a group of people who are born and raised to produce and sing christmas music. Their mission is to “convey christmas music” to human beings all around the world. You will start hearing them in the radios late October. Their mission will continue until the new year. This is the sad part. Nobody listens to them after the new year’s day.

With the new Cities Weekly page, we are now also able to check the status all around the world. As expected, in all “traditionally christian/catholic countries”, we see the same picture with a bump down during christmas time. Here for example you can see the charts for London, Berlin, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, New York.

I want to show two more charts for two other cities: Moscow and Istanbul. The chart for Moscow is very similar to the usual christmas picture, but not the same.


First, the decrease in listeners is a lot more (around 25%). Second, the drop is not on the christmas week, but the week after. I can understand why there is no drop during christmas time because Russia is not a catholic oriented country, and christmas is not celebrated. But, what is happening the week after? Russians celebrating the new year the whole week? The answer appears to be “yes”. Apparently, Russians are merging the new year celebration with their Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.

The last chart I will show is from Istanbul, Turkey, the home country of Santa Claus. Santa Claus is believed to be from Patara, a very nice coastal town in Southwest Turkey, with a great beach.Patara-beach-2


When we take a look at Istanbul data for christmas time, we observe that Turkish people do not mind about Santa Claus much. What they care is their religious holiday Eid, which is the end of the Ramadan, the time moslems fast. It was by the end of July in 2014.










I have two conclusions at the end of this blog post. First, you might be an atheist, who enjoy listening to your music in your room, discovering new bands, playing your guitar etc. Even if you are an unbeliever, religions may pause the songs on your mp3 player, take you out of your room, and take you out of your daily routine. This is not only christmas specific, but pretty much happening in all cultures.

Second, this data tell me that, there is a perfect opportunity for especially pop singers to grab a space in the christmas train. As I mentioned earlier, Frank Sinatra increases his listeners by 200% just because he sounds christmassy. Why not Katy Perry does the same? She has some christmas songs available in Youtube, but I think she can do better.

So in the end, I would not be surprised if we see her like this next year christmas time.

Before forgetting, merry belated christmas, and a happy belated new year.