Pink Floyd Strikes Back!

I have these continent maps up and running for about a month now. I keep updating them at the end of every week to see what’s happening in the world, which artists are becoming popular, etc. These colors tell quite a lot about the musical patterns around the world, especially in Europe, where most users reside. Europe has always been a battlefield for centuries. It has been the home for the greatest commanders, craziest politicians and bloodiest battles. It looks like the battles are still going on in European battlefields, luckily only musically.


A very brief introduction at first. The above map shows the weekly top artists in each country, where every color represents an artist. The data are obtained from weekly top listeners database. To see the updated maps for each continent, you can check Places on top menu.

When I updated continent maps last weekend, honestly, I got shocked with the vast amount of pinkness. Only a week ago, there was no pink countries on the map. There were some greens of Coldplay on North & West Europe, and some light blue of Arctic Monkeys around Balkans. I initially thought there is something wrong with my code. But no, it’s just the pink of Pink Floyd who strikes back! (I should admit that this pink-Pink Floyd assignment is only a coincidence, nothing intentional.)

Apparently, all this is caused by their new album The Endless River, which is released on 7th of November. As of December 7th, our pie charts (here they are) are showing that 27% of all Pink Floyd scrobbles on are of The Endless River, which is almost 3 times more than the second most The Wall. This is absolutely crazy.

The second big thing in Europe is the dark purple sandwiched between the mighty pinks. Can you guess who they are? Yes, Foo Fighters fighting their way through Central Europe, and finally reaching Hungary. They also released their new album Sonic Highways on November 10th, which caught a lot of attention.

It looks like European radios, cd players, mp3 players and smart phones will be the battlefields of these two rock giants in the forthcoming winter. The rock genre stats show that Pink Floyd is #6, and Foo Fighters is #13 on overall play count. So what lesson do we learn from all this? If you are about to release a new album, make sure that no other big artists of your genre does the same.

This December turned out to be the end of long lasting dominance of Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys in Europe. Let’s wait and see if they will be able to take their places back.